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UnitedHealthcare and Sesame Street® are partnering to support families, health care providers, and communities, as they help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger and kinder.


Helping Kids and Families Through Tough Times

Our latest partnership includes storybooks to help children build a lifelong foundation of resilience. Each of the books by Sesame Street® supports our ongoing commitment to building happy and healthy communities. The stories below can help kids and their families learn how to manage tough situations. 

Click on the pictures to open each storybook and download to print them. 

Bounce Back: A Story about Resilience & Persistence

This story is about Alex, a Sesame Street® friend whose life has not been easy. When Alex’s father was in jail, Alex and his family faced big changes. He had big feelings, such as feeling scared and mad. But together as a family, they learned how to cope and are stronger for it.

To read Alex's story in English, click here.

To read Alex's story in Español, click here.

Looking for Special: A Story about Resilience & Confidence

This story introduces Lily, a Sesame Street® friend who has had some really tough times. Lily and her family haven’t always had all the food they needed. For a while, they didn’t have a home of their own either. But they’ve come through these hard times and they’re stronger for it.

To read Lily's story in English, click here.

To read Lily's story in Español, click here.

The Monster Dash: A Story About Resilience & Flexibility

Karli is a friend on Sesame Street®. Her mom struggles with addiction and she’s not always sure what to expect from people or situations. She’s also spent time in foster care, which can be confusing too - but caring adults have taught her healthy ways to build resilience.  

To read Karli's story in English, click here.

To read Karli's story in Español, click here.

A Note for Providers

Sesame Workshop has also launched the Roads to Resilience course for providers. To learn more, please visit Courses and Interactive Trainings Archives - Sesame Street in Communities - Sesame Street in Communities, and click on Roads to Resilience.

Food for Thought

Learn tips to get kids to eat healthy and try new foods while on a budget.

We Have the Moves!

Discover fun, new ways to get the kids in your life moving every day.

Sesame Street® celebrates families and grandparents!

Join Elmo, Rosita, and more Sesame Street® friends as they sing about their families!

Dance and sing along with Elmo, Big Bird and Abby as they sing "Elmo's Got the Moves!"

Elmo loves grandparents and has a very special message about them for everyone to hear!

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