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Hawaii, we’ve got you covered

No-cost health coverage from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. Learn about UnitedHealthcare Medicaid Med-QUEST Integration health plans we offer in Hawaii.

Helping people is at the heart of all we do

Everyone deserves affordable health care. At UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, we are dedicated to helping people live healthier lives.

We offer a variety of programs for you and your family to get healthy — and stay healthy. We cover adults, Kupuna, people with disabilities, Hapai moms and keiki.

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See why Hawaii chooses UnitedHealthcare

  • Large variety of network providers
  • No-cost virtual visits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Programs to support healthy pregnancies 

Take action to prevent the flu. A seasonal flu shot has been shown to prevent flu illnesses, doctor visits and hospitalizations, and can be lifesaving for children. UnitedHealthcare s covers pneumonia, influenza, and shingles shots.

Hawaii, we’re here to help you access care and resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Member Information

Our HealthTalk newsletter is now online. The newsletters are a great way to learn about our health plan and important health topics.

You can read it whenever, wherever you want. Check back quarterly for a new edition.

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Value Added Benefits

  • Pregnant women and children
  • Single Adults, families and Kupuna
  • Those who meet income requirements
  • Children and Adults with Disabilities
  • Those who have a long term disability due to age, illness or injury
  • Open to all ages


How to Contact Us

Featured Programs

UnitedHealthcare® mobile app

Get information on-the-go with the UnitedHealthcare mobile app. Download the UnitedHealthcare mobile app to your Apple® or Android® smartphone or tablet and see how easy it is to find nearby doctors, view the Member Handbook, find help and support in your community, or view your ID card.

Healthy First Steps/Hapai Malama

Build a healthy future for you and your baby and earn great rewards with Healthy First Steps. Our program will help you take the right steps to keep you and your baby healthy. Plus you can earn $20 just for signing up. We will help you:

We will help you:

  • Choose a pregnancy provider and a pediatrician (child’s doctor)
  • Schedule visits and exams and arrange rides to your visits
  • Earn rewards for going to visits throughout your pregnancy and baby’s first 15 months of life

Medicaid: More for You in 2023

Some of the benefits you may qualify for include:

  • Pre-and postnatal care for pregnant individuals and newborns
  • A large provider network
  • Vison and dental coverage
  • Mail order prescription drug coverage
  • Mental health coverage
  • Substance use disorder treatment services
  • People who may be dealing with stress, depression, anxiety or using drugs or alcohol

Mental Health Services

Mental health is as important as physical health. That’s why we have coverage for both.

Required care is 100% covered with no co-pay, including testing and diagnosis, behavioral therapy and medication.

Mental health services can help you with personal problems that may affect you and/or your family. These problems may be stress, depression, anxiety or using drugs or alcohol. We can help. 


Did you lose your job recently?

More people now qualify for QUEST Integration (Medicaid). See if you can too. No copays for covered services.

Visit for more information on eligibility or to apply.

Virtual visits with Doctor Chat

It’s not always easy to visit a doctor in person. Virtual visits (or telehealth) let you talk to a doctor 24/7 using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Telehealth is a good option to treat common conditions that have standard treatments. Here are some examples:

  • Cold, flu, and fever
  • Cough, aches, and sore throat
  • Allergies, skin rash, and irritation
  • Urinary tract/bladder infection
  • Ear infections
  • Sinus infections
  • Migraine/headache
  • And more


Our Med Quest plan provides unlimited round trips to and from health care locations. That includes rides to:

  • Doctor or therapy visits
  • Health departments
  • Vision clinics
  • Urgent care centers
  • Pharmacies


A healthier life is in your future

Keeping a healthy weight. Stopping unhealthy habits. Doing what’s needed to keep you and your family healthy. It all may seem impossible at times. But we have programs that can help. Our UnitedHealthcare Healthy Behaviors program gives you access to a personal health coach and resources to help with things like:

  • Losing weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Substance abuse
  • Pregnancy and newborn care (UnitedHealthcare Healthy First Steps®)

Our health coaches work with you and your doctor(s) to help you set goals and track progress. You’ll also have the chance to get rewards when you reach certain milestones.


What is Medicaid Med_QUEST?

Medicaid is a program for people with low income who meet certain eligibility requirements and programs can vary from state-to-state.

Who is eligible for Medicaid Med QUEST?

If you do play video games, play interactive ones where you have to move. You don’t even have to leave the house to move – try exercises like jumping jacks, marching in place, going up and down stairs, push-ups or sit-ups at home.

Walk! Take a walk with a friend outside. Walk your dog or your neighbor’s dog, or walk your cat! Instead of driving, walk or bike to school or a friend’s house.

Clean! Vacuum your room. Wash the car. Mow the lawn. Your parents will be happy, and it’s another chance for you to get more exercise, and maybe even have some fun.

Unplug! Limit your time watching TV or using your smartphone, computer or other device. Keep screen time to less than two hours a day. When you do watch TV or use your phone – try marching in place or exercising while you watch/play.

To qualify for Medicaid, potential members or their children must:

  • Be a Hawai‘i resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident
  • Meet certain resource and income limits
  • Fit into one of these groups:
    • Parent and caretaker relatives
    • Children
    • Pregnant women
    • New adult group
    • Non-U.S. citizen needing emergency medical services
    • Children or pregnant women who are medically needy due to high medical bills

What documents are needed to apply for Medicaid Med-QUEST?

When applying for services, potential members will need to take or mail (if available) the following documents:

  • Pay stubs or other papers to show all family members' monthly income.
  • Social Security numbers for all individuals who want Medicaid (not required for children less than 6 months of age).
  • Papers that show family resources for all individuals who want Medicaid (for example: bank records, make, model, and year of your vehicles). This is not needed if they are applying because someone is pregnant or if they are applying only for children (age 18 or younger).
  • Legal resident papers if the potential member is not a U.S. citizen and he/she wants Medicaid for them self.
  • Proof of residence (for example: gas, electric, or water bill, letter from his/her landlord). This is not needed if applying only for children (age 18 and younger).
  • NOTE: Potential members may ask a friend or other person you choose to be their "authorized representative" to apply for him/her. He/she may also ask for a language or a sign interpreter to help him/her apply. Ask for an interpreter when calling to set up an appointment.