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Primary and acute care services are not covered under UnitedHealthcare Personal Assist. These services are covered by Medicaid and/or Medicare. This allows you the opportunity to maintain your relationship with your current Primary Care Physician (PCP) so there will be no disruption to your medical care. What you gain is an additional support person, your Care Coordinator, who will work with your PCP to help guide your care. You can change your PCP whenever you like. If you need assistance in changing your PCP, your Care Coordinator can assist you in locating a qualified PCP near your home.

For covered services, you may choose any provider in the UnitedHealthcare Personal Assist network that offers the service that you need. These providers have a contract with us so we are able to monitor their services and hold them to professional standards. Your provider directory is your resource for finding the care you need.

Mental Health Directory

Provider participation in a plan does not guarantee coverage of benefits and certain plans may not cover all provider and hospital services. Please check your handbook or contact Member Services if you have questions about covered benefits under your plan.

Click here for information on Emergency Services and "Surprise" Bills.

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